Programs and Syllabus

Programs and Syllabus

Journalism and Media Studies


The Department of Media and Journalism offers 4-year bachelor courses that will prepare students for a variety of careers. These include but not limited to, jobs in government, print media, broadcast news production, news reporting, editing, magazine journalism, media management, public relations, advertising, communication experts in different organizations both national and international.

Some Journalism and Media Studies degrees emphasize theory, others focus on production. This program is one of the few in the country that allows students to integrate coursework in media theory, media production, and media management. Whether they are a social activist, editor, producer or media manager, a filmmaker of media theorist, a web designer or a media writer, this degree program will help them put theory into practice, guided by a faculty of communication and media professionals from all walks of academic, artistic, and commercial life, who strive to be humane and thoughtful citizens in an increasingly mediated world. In an era by rapidly changing information and communication technologies, this B.S.S (Hons.) degree in Journalism and Media Studies can give students the competitive edge they need to break through the noise.

About the Program

The B.S.S (Hons) degree in Journalism and Media Studies is specially designed for the students who wish to build a career in the booming media industry of the country. The 4-year bachelor program consists of twelve semesters and the courses chosen provide students with a comprehensive grounding in the theories, skills, research and practice which are necessary for analyzing, understanding and working in various communication contexts.

Structure of Courses

The program consists of core courses 111credits including, Internship/Monograph 3 credits, and viva- voce 1.5 credits. In addition, 8 GED courses of 24 credits (3 credits each) are also offered.

Approved by Academic Council

Year Semester Course Code Course Title Credit
1st 1st BJM 101 Concepts of Journalism 3
BJM 102 Concepts of Communication 3
BJM 113 Bangla Writing Skills 3
2nd BJM 121 Mass Media in Bangladesh 3
BJM 122 News Gathering and Writing 3
BJM 123 Photojournalism 3
3rd BJM 131 Reporting: Theory and Practice 3
BJM 132 Bangladesh and World Affairs 3
BJM 133 Concepts of Journalism 3
2nd 4th BJM 211 Editing: Theory and Practice 3
BJM 202 Broadcast Journalism 3
BJM 203 Desktop Publishing and Graphic Communication 3
5th BJM 221 Interpersonal and Group Communication 3
BJM 204 Media Ethics and Laws 3
BJM 223 Media, Society and Politics in Bangladesh 3
BJM 224 Introduction to Videography 1.5
6th BJM 206 Speech Communication and Presentation 3
BJM 207 New Media and Data Journalism 3
BJM 208 Visual Production and Practices 3
3rd 7th BJM 301 Advanced Television Reporting 3
BJM 312 Information and Communication Technologies 3
BJM 313 Advanced Reporting 3
8th BJM 321 Advanced Editing 3
BJM 322 Theories in Communication and Media Studies 3
BJM 302 Business Journalism 3
BJM 303 Feature and Editorial Writing 3
9th BJM 331 Concepts of Journalism 3
BJM 332 Advertising and Copy Writing 3
BJM 333 Communication Research Methodology 3
4th 10th BJM 401 Film Sense and Criticism 3
BJM 412 World Media System 3
BJM 413 Development Communication and Media Advocacy 3
11th BMJ 421 Population and Health Communication 3
BJM 422 Communication Policy and Planning 3
BJM 402 Public Relations 3
12th BJM 403 Agriculture and Environment Journalism 3
BJM 404/405 Internship/Research Monograph 3
BJM 434 Viva-voce 1.5
8 GED courses (3 Credits Each) 24
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